Thursday, January 13, 2011

CKGC January 2011 Garden of the Month

Day 11: January 2011 CKGC Garden of the Month

Often, not many yards look pleasing or inviting during this time of the year, but, at least, one yard stands out in Cedar Key this month of January 2011 ... Ingeborg Worth's yard! When Ingeborg and her late husband, Dave arrived in Cedar Key, they came with some experience, as Dave owned a Christmas Tree farm, and the experience, and David's love for working outside, shows even now in the beautifully arranged land.

Among the plants in the Worth property are rapid growing and dense Leyland Cypress, often used for Christmas Trees, but also used for windbreaks or privacy hedges. The Leyland Cypress are separated by other fast growing and beautifully shaped hedges. Another row of hedges is Ligustrum, or Privets, which also allow for privacy. Ironically, these privacy hedges, along with the fruit bearing Orange and Loquat Trees/Shrubs, and other trees, ferns, and various plants, allow for an inviting yard. An important side note, not forgotten by the Worths, is that all the mentioned plants grow well in our USDA planting zone.

Our Police Chief Virgil Sandlin keeps the fast growing hedges and the lawn looking tip top year round for Ingeborg, even now in the dead of winter. No wonder, Ingeborg, who is currently in New Jersey near her children while she is recovering from an elevator accident which happened earlier last year, so desperately wants to come back to her home here in Cedar Key! It truly is an island paradise.

Congratulations Ingeborg, and to you, too, Chief Sandlin, for achieving January 2011 Cedar Key Garden Club's Garden of the Month!

January 2011 CKGC Garden of the Month

January 2011 CKGC Garden of the Month

January 2011 CKGC Garden of the Month

January 2011 CKGC Garden of the Month

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