Thursday, August 12, 2010

Misc Shots in Cedar Key

Just a Flower

Field of Flowers on Cedar Key
Field of Flowers

Cedar Key

Wooden Carriage
A Carriage for the Horse (well, for people, DRAWN by horse!)

Miss Clarabelle
Miss Clarabelle

Red Peppers
Food for Thought

Edsel Ranger
Edmund's Edsel

A Closer Look

A Cedar Key Antique (Web)
An Old Chevy Truck

Crab Traps
Crab Traps

Crab Traps
And More Crab Traps

Bad Attitude
One Bad Attitude

Cedar Key Sun
Some Sunshine (well, lots of it....)

"Wildlife" of Cedar Key
A Not-So-Wildlife Thing

Cedar Keyhole's Cormorant
A Tiled Cormorant

Indian Burial Mound
Indian Burial Mound

...And Lots of Other Fun Stuff.... (Come and See!)


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