Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Another Morning Walk Around Cedar Key

A contact wanted to walk around Cedar Key last weekend, and I had no qualms about jumping into this adventure. We rode some, we walked some, but had a great morning, even though the heat was incredible.

Low-Key Hideaway Beach Bar
Low-Key Hideaway Beach Bar off SR 24

Brown Anole
A Brown Anole on the Cedar Key Cemetery Boardwalk

Cedar Key Cemetery's Boat Graveyard
One of the Boats Now Part of the Boat "Graveyard" Along Cedar Key Cemetery's Boardwalk

Boat Graveyard
Another of the Boats Now Part of the Boat "Graveyard" Along Cedar Key Cemetery's Boardwalk

Bee On Flower
There Were Plenty of Flowers and Insects Along the Walk

Great Egret
This Great Egret was so funny, as we drove by, it suddenly stroke this pose and stayed there, as if it we wouldn't see it if it stayed still enough. I got out of the car, and kept clicking as I walked closer, until it couldn't take it anymore, and started away from me. But, it stuck around, curious since I hadn't hurt it, or moved too quickly. This Egret was found near the Airport Strip.

Great Horned Owl
We "Stalked" This Great Horned Owl in the Cedar Key Cemetery To Get a Few Shots

Clapper Rail
This Was My First Siting of a Clapper Rail - Found Along Gulf Blvd at the Cedar Key Cemetery Boardwalk

Spurred Buttefly Pea Flower Using WB Mode "Shade"
Sparred Butterfly Pea Flowers Along the Tressel Path

Brown Anole on Tressel Path
Another Brown Anole Along Tressel Path

Puerto Rican Crested Anole
A Puerto Rican Crested Anole Along Tressel Path

More pics from this walk to come later....

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