Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Cedar Key Buildings

Cormorants Making Using of the Honeymoon Cottage
"Honeymoon Cottage"

I began visiting Cedar Key about 25 years ago when we visited my in-laws' property where they would one day retire. Its beauty, buildings, history, and people captivated me. We visited several times throughout the years, and eventually we couldn't leave.

I will begin this blog with some of the Cedar Key buildings that are memorable and interesting.

Seabreeze Restaurant and Lounge

The Rusty Rim
Rusty Rim and Coconuts of Cedar Key

Harbour Master
Harbour Master and Dilly Dally Gally

Dock Street Depot
Once the Dock Street Depot, but still Kona Joe's below

Corner Buildings
Hale Building, once The Heron Restaurant, now Tony's Seafood and Accord Insurance

Cedar Key Historical Society Museum
Cedar Key Historical Society and Museum

Curmudgeonalia Bookstore
Once the Masonic Lodge location, now the Curmudgeonalia Bookstore

Island Arts
Island Arts, an Artist Co-Op

Lutterloh Store est 1872
Lutterloh Store c 1872

Schlemmer Grocery and Bakery
Schlemmer Grocery and Bakery

L and M Saloon
The old L & M Bar and Lounge

Island Hotel & Restaurant est 1859
Island Hotel & Restaurant c 1859

Hodge's Home
W Randolph Hodges Home

Cedar Key Bed & Breakfast 2009
Cedar Key Bed & Breakfast (hosts Bill & Alice Phillips)

Wells Wood Outdoor Furniture
Wells Wood Outdoor Furniture (once an old church)

Cedar Key School
Cedar Key School (Florida's smallest public high school)

Whitman House on Cedar Key Museum and State Park Grounds
Whitman House on Cedar Key Museum and State Park Grounds

United Methodist Church
United Methodist Church

Christ Church Episcopal
Christ Church Episcopal

Cedar Key Lighthouse
Cedar Key Lighthouse on Seahorse Key

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